Transparency has become one of the most discussed terms in recent years. Whether we’re talking about companies, associations, churches or states — the desire for fact-based decisions based on transparent data is palpable everywhere.

One central point that is discussed again and again concerns transparency in politics. Many wonder whether our states really act transparently. Are citizens sufficiently informed about why certain political decisions are made? Are election results, the structures in ministries and the links between politics and corporations presented in a transparent manner and, above all, can they not be falsified?

The demand for transparency is also being voiced in the church. The question of how decisions are made, what promotions are based on and how leaders are elected is being raised. Another aspect concerns the use of funds and whether this is disclosed transparently.

Transparency on stock exchanges is also a significant issue. Some exchanges are still deficient in transparency, whether due to opaque order types, high-frequency trading or “inner circle” systems, and different fees depending on the market participant.

Blockchain technology is often touted as a potential solution for full transparency. However, some observers raise questions about why the companies behind this technology are often hidden in so-called foundations. This raises questions about who the administrators are and how much power they have. The role of nodes and miners in this context is also being questioned.

Cow Level AG and FiPME are two companies that rely on blockchain technology to provide transparency. Every transaction of their shares is transparently recorded in the blockchain. In addition, their community members are regularly informed in shareholder newsletters and general meetings, and shareholders have the opportunity to ask questions that are transparently answered in the next meeting.

At Cow Level, we use blockchain technology to transparently record every transaction in our stock. We update our community in shareholder newsletters, general meetings regularly, and our shareholders can ask us questions at any time, which are answered transparently in the next meeting. We like to discuss our frameworks transparently with our community.

Is Cow Level AG and FiPME therefore perfectly transparent?

Certainly not, but we are happy if our community works with us to get as close as possible to this goal. Because we are sure, a transparent FiPME should be the goal of everyone in gaming and in the financial market.


Transparency is, for us at Cow Level AG, undoubtedly a crucial factor that strengthens people’s trust in institutions and companies, making it an important concern for a responsible future in these areas.


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