Our Team


Founder, COB
Stefan is a pioneer in electronic trading at the worldwide derivative exchanges. Head of Technical Trading for M-Group and Rotter Invest AG, which was responsible for the largest turnover at Eurex.
Stefan acts as a mentor for munterwegs, is engaged in different social activities and dad of two gamers.


Founder, CEO
Gamer by heart since the late 80's. Boris lives exchange trading since pre-electronic times and online gaming from the very beginning and is perfectly competent in both worlds. He was one of the top electricity trader in EU with over $1bln under management and a bookrunner at Germany’s 3rd biggest utility. He also became the 2nd richest gamer in Everquest 2, one of the richest gamer in WoW, and a leader of 80 people guild.


Business Development
Andrin’s passion is to shape the digital world of tomorrow. He has a consulting background and has helped build and grow several companies as COO, CEO and Board Member. He holds a master’s degree in business information systems. In addition, he is also a lecturer at universities on digital business. In gaming, he still plays old classics like AoE and CoD.


Video Editor
Producer, video editor and content creator. With work experience in different projects such as videoclips, short film and TV shows. In-depth knowledge of YouTube and Twitch, the most important content creation and streaming platforms for gaming. He is passionate about video games, esports and blockchain.



Lead project manager of Requestum
IT development company
She manages FiPME's development team from the day one.
Marina has expertise in different domains including healthcare, trade exchange, CRM, social network, b2b and b2c marketplaces. The development team consists of senior tech specialists from 6 to 10+ years of complex multi-service systems development.

Our Advisors


Benjamin is a journalist, storytelling, social media and marketing expert with 10 years of experience in the games business. He has worked for brands like Red Bull & McLaren and built editorial platforms for corporations like NBC Universal kickstarting their own esports league on TV.


Key Advisor USA
AHeather is the founder and president of “Women in Exhibition”, “Cinema eSports Alliance” & “Cinema eSports”. She is actively supporting us in several topics around marketing and partnerships in the United States of America.


Key Advisor eSports
Hakim is an eSports expert equipped with a solid academic background in sports & business management. Currently, he does his PhD in trend research of the eSports environment and voluntarily coaches a FIFA team. He is actively advising us around the newest eSports/gaming market research, which is also shared via our blog.