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Empowering the Virtual Economy with FiPME

At the heart of FiPME’s mission is the transformation of how gamers and publishers interact with virtual economies. We’re leading gamers away from uncertain grey markets and into a secure, transparent ecosystem where they can trade virtual assets safely, swiftly, and with complete confidence.

Become the Central Bank of Your Virtual Economy Imagine having the power to regulate and benefit from your game’s in-game items as if you were the central bank. This is the future FiPME is creating—a future where publishers oversee their primary market, curtail abuse in the secondary market, and see their digital goods traded fairly and openly. Reach out to us to explore this new horizon.

FiPME is member of PolyReg, a self-regulatory body recognized by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


Unlocking Market Advantages

Opportunities Unleashed for Publishers and Partners

Price Discovery
 FiPME facilitates fair market pricing with Initial Item Offerings (IIO), setting equitable value for new in-game items.

Compliance Made Simple
With industry-standard regulatory compliance, FiPME streamlines reporting, mitigates financial risks, and minimizes gamer dissatisfaction due to fraud.

Enhanced Gamer Engagement
A more engaging and financially rewarding experience for gamers means increased longevity and value for in-game assets, as the grey market’s influence wanes.

Tangible In-Game Wealth
Assets gain tangible value, priced and registered on the exchange with International Securities Identification Numbers (ISIN), providing gamers with clear statements of their virtual holdings.

Direct Revenue Channels
Step into a world where publishers reap the benefits from secondary market transactions, a transparent and profitable alternative to the grey market.

Interested in learning more about how FiPME can elevate your game’s economy? Contact us to forge a partnership that reshapes the landscape of in-game trading.

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