After their recent Icelandic adventure, Boris Obodda and Stefan Kaemper wasted no time embarking on another thrilling journey, this time to the stunning Isle of Man. Their primary focus was on forging new partnerships and exploring opportunities that could reshape the landscape of fintech. 










Investment Prospects in Cow Level / FiPME:

The duo had an insightful meeting with potential partners for Cow Level and FiPME.  

Gaming and Esports Vision:
Their discussions with the Digital Isle revealed exciting insights into the island’s vision for gaming and esports, promising a blend of entertainment and innovation.

Financial Services Exploration:
Boris and Stefan also engaged with various financial service providers, delving into the intricacies of the industry. In addition, they explored a potential office space, signaling their commitment to establishing a local foothold.

Data Protection in the Digital Age 

In the midst of their island adventures, Boris and Stefan couldn’t ignore the significance of data protection in the digital era. The Isle of Man Data Protection Conference, sponsored by Grant Thornton Isle of Man and other notable entities, brought this critical topic to the forefront. 

The conference featured an array of distinguished speakers, including Katherine Garrood, Stewart Haynes, David Carney, and their esteemed business associate, Darren Douglas. Discussions ranged from integrating AI into data management to navigating the complexities of GDPR compliance. The overarching theme, “Data, Data everywhere but not a drop to sync,” underscored the challenges faced in this data-driven world. 


Santander’s Unique Co-working Concept 

While exploring the Isle of Man’s opportunities, Boris and Stefan also encountered an innovative co-working concept courtesy of Santander. The Santander Work Café stands as a testament to sustainability, affordability, and collaborative innovation. It combines banking, co-working, and a café, offering an unparalleled experience for both customers and non-customers. 

This visionary concept not only supports productivity but also fosters connections and synergies in a dynamic space. As their Isle of Man adventure unfolds, Boris and Stefan continue to make waves in the fintech world. Stay tuned for further updates!