Luck has long been a topic of fascination for individuals seeking to understand the mysterious forces that shape our lives. In 1978, neurologist Dr. James Austin introduced the concept of luck in his book, “Chase, Chance, & Creativity: The Lucky Art of Novelty.” In this thought-provoking work, Dr. Austin proposed four distinct types of luck: Blind Luck, Luck from Motion, Luck from Awareness, and Luck from Uniqueness. Let’s explore each type and examine how it relates to the enigmatic case of Cow Level — a vibrant and dynamic team based in Zug.

Type 1: Blind Luck — The Hand of Fate
The first type of luck, Blind Luck, encompasses occurrences entirely beyond our control. It involves elements like the place and circumstances of one’s birth and “Acts of God” or random universal events. In the case of Cow Level, the team can be considered lucky in some respects, such as being founded in Zug, a favourable location for startups. However, the circumstances could have been even still better, just think of free coffee, beer and sushi for all, startup’s ruling the world and Zug giving grants to us.

Type 2: Luck from Motion — Creating Opportunity
Luck from Motion refers to the idea that by being active, hustling, and energetically participating in an ecosystem, one can increase their luck surface area. By creating more movement and collisions, the chances of encountering lucky events rise. Cow Level’s team exemplifies this type of luck as they engage in a myriad of activities, from attending meetings and events to marketing on social media and engaging in various discussions. Their proactive approach may indeed attract more opportunities their way. 😊

Type 3: Luck from Awareness — Spotting the Breaks
Luck from Awareness highlights the significance of deep understanding within a particular domain, allowing individuals to position themselves for fortuitous breaks. With comprehensive knowledge and experience, one becomes adept at recognizing and seizing lucky opportunities. For Cow Level, this could be attributed to their awareness as exchange traders and gamers, which likely played a crucial role in identifying the potential of a regulated exchange for in-game items, leading to their success.

Type 4: Luck from Uniqueness — Embracing Individuality
Luck from Uniqueness suggests that a person’s distinctive attributes attract specific luck to them. Dr. Austin explains that those with eccentric hobbies, personal lifestyles, and unique motor behaviours are more likely to experience this type of luck. Looking at the Cow Level team, it becomes evident that their unconventional and innovative approach to tasks, along with their harmonious and distinctive teamwork, sets them apart as a truly unique group. Their individuality may well be drawing luck their way.


As we delve into Dr. James Austin’s four types of luck, we can’t help but wonder if Cow Level’s success is genuinely attributed to a lucky streak. The team’s foundation in Zug and their proactive approach indeed aligns with aspects of luck. Moreover, their awareness of the opportunity and their uniqueness as a team could also contribute to their fortunate outcomes.

Ultimately, luck remains an enigma — a blend of chance and opportunity. 
The story of Cow Level reminds us that while we cannot entirely control our circumstances, we can take actions to improve our luck surface area. 
By being active, aware, and embracing our individuality, we might just find ourselves on the path to serendipitous success. 

So, is Cow Level lucky? 
Perhaps, but one thing is certain — their journey embodies the art of novelty and the pursuit of luck in the unpredictable landscape of life.

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