Shares in Cow Level AG will be stored on a distributed ledger – this is a blockchain share register run by daura.ch and powered by Swisscom and SIX. This enables our investors to buy and conveniently transfer shares at the click of a button.
FiPME (officially “First International Play Money Exchange OU”) is a Nasdaq OMX registered company on shares in Estonia and actually the first project company. Today Cow Level AG owns 100% of FiPME. FiPME is the software producing arm of the Cow Level Group.
Cow Level AG is a Swiss fintech in the gaming sector. Our mission is to improve the world of billions of gamers. The first product is FiPME, the “First international Play Money Exchange”, which enables players to exchange their virtual goods in a secure and transparent environment. Once FiPME is established, it is planned to develop further products.
Gaming had a big influence on our founders. Boris is a gamer since the late 80s starting with pong and Stefan’s kids love gaming and both experienced the magic of ingame items, Boris as a seller and Stefan as the buyer – for his kids. Both being experienced exchange traders in various markets, their idea of creating a 2-way exchange became live in 2021. FiPME enables gamers to trade their items secure, efficiently and on one exchange. Think of what Nasdaq is doing for stocks we are doing in the virtual worlds of gaming. Gamers, Publishers, Shops, Collectors and Fans of the Gaming Universe now have a solution and can trade on the FiPME Exchange. Just go to fipme.net and we are looking forward to meet you in the metaverse of the gaming market.