EVE Online, the iconic space-faring MMORPG by CCP Games, has reached an incredible milestone – two decades of thrilling gameplay and immersive storytelling. With nearly 26 million characters created and no end in sight, the success of EVE is not a stroke of luck but a testament to CCP’s unwavering dedication to its community. In this blog article, we embark on a journey with the founders of the fintech startup, FiPME, as they explore the festivities of EVE’s 20th-anniversary celebration. 


Community at the Core 

What sets CCP Games apart in the gaming industry is its unique approach to player engagement. They view their players as more than just customers; they are the heart and soul of the EVE Online universe. From the very beginning, CCP involved the community in the game’s development through special programs, fostering a sense of belonging and co-creation. The EVE Monument, recently updated to honor both the first and second decades of players, exemplifies this philosophy. EVE isn’t just celebrating itself; it’s immortalizing its passionate community. 

The Power of In-Game Economy 

CCP Games’ success isn’t only about gameplay; it’s also a testament to their mastery of the in-game economy. Balancing the intricate EVE economy is no small feat, and CCP collaborates with experts from various economic fields to ensure its continued success. 

This economy aligns closely with FiPME’s goals. FiPME aims to provide gamers with a secure and regulated way to trade in-game items, eliminating the uncertainty of gray markets and fraud. CCP’s experience in managing a complex in-game economy is an invaluable source of inspiration for FiPME’s vision. 


The Cow Level Crew’s Unforgettable Journey 

Boris and Stefan, the dynamic duo behind FiPME, felt to belong to the right place during their visit Reykjavik, Iceland. From mingling with the developers and exploring the intricacies of the in-game economy to sharing their expertise at the “Digital Horizons” conference, their adventure is nothing short of inspiring. 

As we celebrate EVE Online’s remarkable journey, we are reminded of the power of community, the intricacies of in-game economies, and the boundless potential of digital worlds. 🚀🌌👏