Qatar Economic Forum, powered by Bloomberg

Cow Level goes to Qatar Economic Forum. Boris & Stefan were invited by Bloomberg to the Economic Forum in Qatar. There were exciting topics, first of all: the exploding inflation, supply chain, energy, security and keeping the peace in a VUCA world. In addition, on the third day there was a focus on: Culture, travel […]

What Makes Games So Addictive: the Psychology Behind Gaming

  How do games win our hearts — and our pockets? We have all been stuck playing for hours without noticing the time passing by — but what makes games so addictive? In this article, we’ll explain the psychological mechanisms that games trigger to give us pleasure — and generate $140 bln in revenues for […]

Reinventing the Value Creation in the Gaming Industry: Who’s Ruling it Now?

The gaming world consists not only of gamers and game developers. It involves all sorts of participants that interact with each other along the value chain of game creation and promotion. In this article, we’ll describe how each of them gets involved, how they work together, and what brings them profits. But most importantly, we’ll […]