KYC – Know Your Customer. But why?

Compliance, regulation, data protection – these are all topics that are becoming more relevant and important every day and have long since crossed the boundaries of certain industries. The gaming industry is a good example. These topics have been relevant for a long time, but have not always been well received by the target group: […]

JCI World Congress 2023 in Zurich

A Convergence of Leadership and Innovation at JCI World Congress in Zurich From November 14 to 18, 2023, the city of Zurich transformed into a vibrant hub of global leadership and innovation. The prestigious JCI World Congress, held at the newly opened Swiss Life Arena, welcomed around 3,500 members of Junior Chamber International (JCI) from […]

The Swiss Startup Summit: A Showcase of Pioneering Spirits and Digital Horizons

The largest startup event in Switzerland, the 2023 Startup Nights in Winterthur, revved into its latest iteration, and so did we—Cow Level was back, this time with an expanded team! This year, our loyal supporter and fan, Rudi, was once again accompanied by the awe-inspiring Cow Level Mobile, a spectacle that had already turned heads […]

Island Ventures and Financial Frontiers: Boris and Stefan’s Isle of Man Journey

  After their recent Icelandic adventure, Boris Obodda and Stefan Kaemper wasted no time embarking on another thrilling journey, this time to the stunning Isle of Man. Their primary focus was on forging new partnerships and exploring opportunities that could reshape the landscape of fintech.                    Investment […]

Young Visionaries and AI: Nurturing the Shapers of Tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the most significant technological advancements of our time. Its impact goes beyond mere technology and touches various aspects of life, from the economy to society and even the entertainment industry. Young individuals, in particular, exhibit a strong interest and engagement in this field, as evidenced by an inspiring […]

Gamescom 2023: Unveiling the Dynamics of the Gaming World

The gaming universe came alive once again at gamescom 2023, an event that never fails to capture the hearts of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. While the numbers might not have hit the record highs seen before 2020, the essence of this extraordinary gathering remained intact, painted vividly through bustling business areas, captivating presentations, and meetings in […]

Is Cow Level Lucky? The 4 Types of Luck Explored

Introduction Luck has long been a topic of fascination for individuals seeking to understand the mysterious forces that shape our lives. In 1978, neurologist Dr. James Austin introduced the concept of luck in his book, “Chase, Chance, & Creativity: The Lucky Art of Novelty.” In this thought-provoking work, Dr. Austin proposed four distinct types of […]

The importance of transparency in today’s world

Transparency has become one of the most discussed terms in recent years. Whether we’re talking about companies, associations, churches or states — the desire for fact-based decisions based on transparent data is palpable everywhere. One central point that is discussed again and again concerns transparency in politics. Many wonder whether our states really act transparently. […]