The Story of Cow Level

Heroes of the Digital Exchange Frontier

Every era has its champions – Nate & Sully unlock ancient secrets in Uncharted, Ryu & Ken battle for honor in Street Fighter, and Mario & Luigi save the Mushroom Kingdom time and again.

Enter a new pair of protagonists – Boris & Stefan, the real-life virtuosos of exchange-trading, who embarked on a quest to create Cow Level AG.

The Inception of an Odyssey

Boris, a virtuoso in electricity trading with a passion for pixels and play, joined forces with Stefan, a vanguard of electronic derivatives markets. Together, they envisioned a realm where trading in-game assets wasn’t just a fantasy, but a secure and seamless reality.

Charting New Territories

With a pioneering spirit akin to the adventurers of old, our duo launched into uncharted territories. In 2018, they forged the First International Play Money Exchange – FiPME, a beacon in the nebulous world of in-game trading. This wasn’t just a marketplace; it was a revolution.

Then, in 2021, Cow Level AG was born, a fortress of fintech dedicated to the gaming cosmos. Under their stewardship, the trading of virtual treasures will become as steadfast and trusted as any stock on Wall Street.

A New Benchmark in the Gaming Galaxy

Say farewell to the old bazaars of barter. FiPME heralds a new dawn where every exchange is swift, every deal is transparent, and every player gets the best possible price. It’s time for gamers and publishers alike to rally under the banner of Cow Level AG, where the future of in-game trading shines brighter than ever.