The gamescom2022 is over and we draw a first balance:

Although there were very strong differences to the time before the pandemic, especially in terms of exhibitors in the consumer sector, and one or two gamers may have been disappointed that the really big blockbusters were missing, but there were a lot of other developer studios and games to marvel at, which may otherwise be lost in the shadow of the “big ones”. ⭐✨

Particularly exciting for us was the extremely large proportion of indie studios and games that came up trumps with fresh ideas and thoroughly high-quality creations. πŸ‘

We got into conversation with many of them and were able to establish on both sides that our platform FiPME – First International Play Money Exchange OÜ represents an absolute win/win situation for all sides, as long as the topic of in-game items is relevant for the game in question. Since the trend is moving more and more towards tradable in-game items – and the calls for this are also getting louder and louder – we are very optimistic here and look forward to deepening and expanding the contacts we have made. 🀝 πŸš€

In addition to the indie area, the country pavilions traditionally represented at gamescom were particularly exciting and well positioned. Of course, we were very pleased that especially Switzerland and the Baltic countries had a strong presence and of course we had very constructive conversations here as well. 😊

The gamescom experience was rounded off by the many evening events – as always we were spoilt for choice, but among others with the Opening Night on Tuesday, the Saints Row Party by PLAION on Wednesday and the Gamescom Party Night on Thursday we certainly made the right choice – thanks to all involved for what you offered and not least for creating another for new contacts and even more valuable conversations. πŸ₯³πŸŽ‡

We say “thank you, au revoir, ciao, ζ‹œζ‹œ,tere tulemast, adios, uf wiederluege” and are already looking forward to 2023!

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