Cow Level is thrilled to announce that FiPME GmbH has become a proud member of the esteemed Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) PolyReg. 🤝
This achievement underscores our commitment to leading the way in the trade of virtual items from video games, prioritizing safety and compliance within the industry.

At FiPME, we recognize the immense value and growth potential of the virtual item trading market. As gamers and publishers increasingly engage in transactions involving virtual items, it is crucial to address the associated challenges and ensure the security and protection of all parties involved.

By joining SRO PolyReg, a recognized self-regulatory organization under the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act (GwG), we reaffirm our dedication to adhering to legal requirements and industry best practices. Collaborating with SRO PolyReg empowers us to fulfill our statutory responsibilities and monitoring obligations towards our valued members. Together, we strive to establish a safe and transparent environment for trading virtual items, bolstering the trust of gamers and publishers alike.

Our partnership with SRO PolyReg marks a significant milestone in our journey towards shaping the future of virtual item trading. FiPME remains dedicated to providing gamers and publishers with a secure and trusted platform for their trading needs. We are excited about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to working with fellow financial intermediaries to further enhance the safety and transparency of the gaming industry.

Let’s build a gaming ecosystem that fosters trust, transparency, and limitless possibilities. Together, we can make virtual item trading an even more enjoyable and secure experience for all.

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