And yet another very interesting and eventful month has come to an end. ☀️✨

The first week was still strongly influenced by #gamescom2022 and the follow-up. Even if gamescom fell short of (general) expectations in some places for some visitors, very interesting things happened directly or indirectly that are worth following up on.
Be it contact to the indie studios, deepened contacts or the processing and implementation of valuable feedback.  💪 🤩

From the second half of September on, things got going again and one event chases the next.
There was the #Swiss #Fintech #Fair 2022 in Zurich, the CV #Summit Zug, the meet and greet event of Board Owl, the networking event of VCU, the #entrepreneur breakfast on the topic of #Metaverse, the #pitching event “#Digital #Business Models” and to crown it all, the Meet the CEOs #4 of daura.
If you want to learn more about these events, just go to the profile of our parent company Cow Level – Fintech for Gaming 🐮🎮 – or contact us directly. ⭐🚀

Speaking of contacting us directly: Of course, these events weren’t the only things that made this month so exciting and productive.
There were one or two meetings with, let’s say, not so small companies, about potential #cooperation opportunities and / or synergies.  😎 😀
And of course we’re also working hard on #FiPME and the other things that are still simmering in our kitchen.
Keep your fingers crossed for us so that we can hopefully unpack something more on this soon. 🌟
Could we please meet someone who knows about #cloning?  😅

On that note, we wish you all a hopefully golden end of autumn in October! 🍂🌻

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