FinTech in Gaming

Cow Level is a FinTech company for gaming. The main project is FiPME, an exchange for the virtual worlds. 

We enable both private & business clients to trade virtual goods as if they were trading stocks at the NYSE and access market analytics on ingame economies.

Ingame Items

The “Planet Calypso” of the game Entropia universe was bought by a hedge fund for $6 Mio. Fun fact: after a short while the investment did pay back, because the gamers paid for landing rights. Check out the Guiness book of records. Do you think that there is a need for the gamers and their $80 Bln market to trade their items in a safe, secure, transparent and regulated environment?


What’s the role of technology? Did you know that there is a scientific field that studies video games? Technology is great, but at which point does it lead to innovation? How can we as a startup support innovation, and what could you do? The gaming industry is an innovation machine. Did you know that the games market is bigger than movie & music combined and companies like air traffic control love to hire gamers for their skills.

Digital Art

Mike Winkelmann, also known as “Beeple,” recently sold a piece of digital art for ~ $ 70 Mio. So how is digital art different from the art we know? Does it make sense to own digital art? Where are opportunities in the market as a digital artist? Do you also find it exciting that art is moving more & more into digital space?


Did you know that stock exchanges exist for over 700 years? Nearly everything mankind uses sooner or later goes through an exchange. From aluminium to zinc up to fish, wood, and even tulips. We think of virtual gaming items as “the new commodity”. Try out the FiPME exchange for virtual gaming items.


Explore What We Offer

FiPME is a 2-way exchange, plus we have built a shop-layout user interface on top of the exchange for an enhanced user experience. Best price execution for market participants and low commissions is the DNA of our solution.

The first digitalized stock on SME-X

Cow Level AG

Our shares have been digitalized by daura and are listed on the Berner marketplace SME-X –  ISIN: CH1138775247

For details please have a look on our investment site