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Pioneering Safe and Secure In-Game Trading:

Meet Our Founders, Boris & Stefan.

Cow Level AG is a Fin- & RegTech company in gaming. 

€ 205'000

OVER €200K OF IN-GAME ITEMS CHANGE HANDS EVERY MINUTE. HOLY COW! But the market lacks transparency, is ripe with fraud, and has operated without any regulation or compliance framework. Until now. Introducing transparency and security into a market craving regulation—Cow Level AG is here to change the game.

Cow Level AG

From battling pixelated demons to pioneering the frontier of secure in-game trading, Boris and Stefan's journey is as legendary as the game that inspired them. Fueled by a shared passion for gaming and a vision to safeguard its treasures, they founded Cow Level AG. Just as gamers once sought the fabled hidden level brimming with bovine foes, our founders embarked on a quest to uncover the latent potential in the gaming market—creating a secure platform where virtual goods can be traded with the confidence and safety of a stock exchange. Their mission: to unlock the hidden level of value in gaming, ensuring every transaction is as reliable as it is rewarding.

Number One - Trailblazing with Digitalized Shares

In an industry first, Cow Level AG has transformed its shares into digital assets using the daura platform. But what does this mean for you? It signifies ease, accessibility, and security in investment. Imagine being able to own, buy, and sell shares with the same simplicity and confidence as exchanging in-game items. That's the revolutionary change we've introduced. By digitalizing our shares on daura and listing them on the SME-X marketplace, powered by Berner Kantonalbank, we're not just part of the market - we're redefining it for the digital age. For our investors this means unparalleled transparency, streamlined transactions and a cutting-edge approach in todays shareholders ownership.

Reinventing the Marketplace for the Digital Frontier

For over seven centuries, exchanges have served as pivotal hubs for trade, from commodities like metals and textiles to exotic goods such as tulips. Today, Cow Level AG is continuing this time-honored tradition with a groundbreaking twist - by bringing the exchange concept into the virtual world of gaming. The FiPME platform is more than an exchange; it's an evolution, where virtual gaming items are traded with the same rigor and transparency as traditional commodities. We're merging the reliability of the past with the innovation of the future, offering gamers and publishers alike a trusted platform to trade virtual items as easily and safely as any physical asset in the historical exchange. Welcome to the new commodity frontier, where the virtual economy receives a real-world trading experience.

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At the heart of Cow Level AG lies FiPME, a revolutionary two-way exchange that redefines the buying and selling experience of in-game items. We’ve seamlessly integrated a user-friendly shop interface atop our robust exchange platform, ensuring an intuitive and enjoyable experience for all users. Our commitment to providing best price execution and maintaining low commissions is embedded in our DNA, ensuring you get unparalleled value with every transaction. Dive into the FiPME experience and see how we’re setting new standards in the virtual marketplace.

Leading the Charge on SME-X

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