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The secret mission

We are a Swiss Company with the purpose to invest in FinTech in gaming, to enhance the gaming experience and to build the tools to unite the gamers to enjoy their games.

About Us

Welcome To Cow Level

Cow Level AG is a Swiss holding company, investing in the booming online videogame sector. Our main focus centres on the gaming community. Our highest priority is the FiPME software – the First International Play Money Exchange. FiPME has developed a next-generation disruptive virtual asset exchange to help online video game players easily and securely value and trade their in-game virtual money, items and services between games worlds or for cash.



Whats the story with the name “Cow Level”?
One of the first online games was called Diablo – a “hack n slay” game that was an enormous success, launched in the mid 1990’s.


Shares of Cow Level AG are listed on, the digital share platform in Switzerland. Shares are secured on the Daura blockchain, powered by Swisscom. Become part of the Gaming community!

Cow Level AG


Co-Founder, COO/CTO

Stefan is a pioneer in electronic trading with 15+ years of experience and a developer of various complex trading systems. He is also former Head of Technical Trading for an investment boutique responsible for the largest turnover at EUREX exchange. After a successful exit from the previous startup with Boris, he got passionate about gaming again and decided to build FiPME together.


Co-Founder, CEO

Boris lives exchange trading since pre-electronic times and online gaming from the very beginning and is perfectly competent in both worlds. He was one of the top electricity trader in EU with over $1bln under management and a bookrunner at Germany’s 3rd biggest utility. He also became the 2nd richest gamer in Everquest 2, one of the richest gamer in WoW, and a leader of 80 people guild. Now he spends all of his time building FiPME to improve the lives of his fellow gamers.

Fipme Team

Benjamin Kratsch


Benjamin is a journalist, storytelling, social media and marketing expert with 10 years of experience in the games business. He has worked for brands like Red Bull & McLaren and built editorial platforms for corporations like NBC Universal kickstarting their own esports league on national TV. Now he helps FiPME to gain traction with the community and secure partnerships with top players of the gaming world.

Alexandra Serebrennikova

Partner Management

Alexandra created and implemented marketing, PR, and fundraising strategies for 6 international early-stage IT startups. She also helped raise several million dollars in funding and secured key partnerships for her previous clients, while playing WoW in her free time. Now she is helping FiPME to receive the necessary funding, test our Beta, and build a marketing strategy.

Sarah Nguyem

Influencer Management

Player & client advocacy expert. She has worked in leadership, client success & marketing roles for local organizations as the founder of CSULB Esports Association as well as global firms such as usb financial services & typeform.

Martin Duncanson

Business Consultant

Digital growth expert & marketing data hoarder. Over his 14 years in marketing, he has been responsible for helping multiple business build effective digital advertising campaigns. He had worked in financial markets as a futures trader on Marex Spectron’s London trading floor.

Jake Patire

Social media manager

Jake is Social media manager at Cow Level & FiPME and responsible for daily operations on all social channels. He is a recent gradute from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.


David Fritscher

Strategic Business Development

David worked several years as project leader & business engineer for an operational risk unit at a swiss bank. Currently he is driving FIPMEs go to market activities. In addition, he is enrolled in TU Munichs professional education program for innovation management, with focus on growth strategies, leadership and intercultural collaboration with asian markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shares in Cow Level AG will be stored on a hyperledger – this is a distributed blockchain share register run by and powered by Swisscom and SIX. This enables our investors to buy and transfer shares at the click of a button.

FiPME (officially “First International Play Money Exchange OU”) is s a Nasdaq registered share and 100% owned by Cow Level AG and Cow Level AG

FiPME is one of Cow Level’s main investments. FiPME is a next generation exchange for in-game virtual items
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Cow Level AG is a Swiss holding company, investing in the huge online gaming and esports sector.
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